Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Weekends and a Bit about School

Hello everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! Mine was quite eventful. My roommate Faust had her birthday party last weekend and I had mine this past weekend! I wanted to share some pictures from both of them!  I'm going to apologize in advance for the wonky placement of pictures. I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out! I took all the pictures for Faust's party but Sooji Kimn took the ones for my party!

Kim Joon in Btssb
Kim Joon and Dante
Faust’s girlfriend Alena decided to throw her a surprise party with a twist! Everyone was supposed to dress as the opposite gender! The look on Faust’s face was priceless when she came around the corner and saw all her girl friends dressed as guys in skinny jeans and plaid shirts and her friend Daniel dressed in a neon green skirt. Kim Joon was a good sport and dressed up as well. Kim Joon finally got to see why I always complain when I wear Lolita in the summer!
Daniel being antisocial
Alena and Faust
Greg in a dress

We all went to the park and played on the playground for a while!
Greg on a swing
Gangsta me and Kim Joon
Then we walked to a nice coffee shop that was nearby to get out of the heat! It had to be around 95 degrees that day. After we left the coffee shop, someone had the brilliant idea to go and check out the piercing shop that was across the street. After waiting for a while and chatting with some of the people in the store, Dante ended up getting her lip pierced! Greg was going to get the bridge of her nose re-pierced but decided to wait. 

My Birthday Party
I decided to celebrate my birthday with my local Lolita community, the amazing Atlanta Lolitas. We had a tea party at our friend Andrea’s condo! Andrea’s condo is by far the most girly place that I have ever seen. All the walls are pink and she even has a Disney princess room! I decided that I wanted to have a very informal tea party and that’s exactly what I got!

My hand was shaking...
Ravenous lolitas waiting for me to cut the cake

A few of the many ATL Lolitas <3

Savannah, Betty, and Dawn

The lovely Andrea! <3
Andrea and Whipcreambunn <3


<3 Kasumi Pai <3


I stayed up extremely late before the party. I was born at 3:26 AM so Kim Joon refused to say happy birthday to me until that time! To keep myself awake, I listened to music from my childhood and tried to find my favorite songs from the past few years. By the time that 3:26 actually rolled around, I was already passed out in bed! I was still sleepy when I woke up and got ready for the party. I usually take a picture of my coordinate for the day but I was in such a rush!

We didn’t really do anything interesting at my party other than pig out and talk. The boyfriends/husbands left at the beginning of the party to hang out at a bar and go antiquing. This definitely made the party a bit more fun! My friend Dawn got me an amazingly delicious handmade Korean cake!! This is now my favorite type of cake! It was so light and fluffy! 

Kim Joon and Chris at High Tea

Kim Joon and Chris finally reunited

After the party began winding down, a few girls wanted to go out for dinner or karaoke. I wasn’t able to go unfortunately because I wanted to see my mom and my brother. I was also exhausted! When I got home, I decided to check my email on my laptop and guess what was waiting for me! A virus! A lovely W32 Blaster Worm! YAY! Just what I wanted on my laptop! I called Kim Joon and sobbed to him for a few moments while he gave me the worst case scenario. My cousin’s friend ended up helping me fix it over the phone. I’m so grateful that all of that is done with! 

Well there you have it! That’s what my two weekends back in college have been like! Unfortunately, the first week of school wasn’t as eventful. I love my classes this semester but I think that they will definitely be a challenge. I’m taking: American Government, Archaeology and Prehistory, Human Communication, Intro to Biology, and Advanced Spanish Grammar 1. I’m extremely worried about the Advanced Grammar course. I haven’t taken a Spanish class in two semesters and I seem to have forgotten almost everything that I knew before. This should be interesting to say the least! I’ve met a few interesting people on my way to and from class. One of these people is a very sweet homeless man who goes by Copper Man. Copper Man makes copper jewelry for the students at GSU. He also is trying to beat the world record for the longest copper chain in the world. I’m planning on interviewing him sometime soon because I would love to learn more about his life and what he does. Living in downtown Atlanta forces you to meet some interesting people! 

Copper Man
I’ll probably be able to update my blog once a week now that school has started. I’m excited for everything that I have planned! I just need to get around to doing it! I’m going to Dragon*Con next weekend (only for Saturday though) so expect to see some coverage of that! If there is something specific that you would like me to investigate at D*C or in general, please comment or send me an email! I could always use ideas! Thanks for reading!


  1. Kyla - wishing you many more fabulous Birthdays! You are a beautiful, amazing and sweet Lolita!

  2. Thank you so much!! And also a million thanks for all you did this weekend, Andrea! <3

  3. I'm so sorry I missed it! I'm glad you had fun.

    For Dragon*Con I want to see if you can find some bronies! ;) There's a brony panel Friday night I think.

  4. Mytrice, I would love to find some bronies!! I won't be able to make the panel on Friday but I'm sure that I can talk to a few! :)